My first “title-less” post. Not a great start i say.

Express yourself. It seems like many people do not understand what self-expression is truly about. It is finding an outlet to help drain your overflow of energy. whether positive or negative it is yours and no one else’s. My outlets are writing and dancing through the music. Sometimes even both but that is a fairly weird mix between Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear and Maya Angelo in ” i know why the caged bird sings.” The issue here is not judging me under any circumstance and regardless which outlet i use. Obviously i have chosen the less embarrassing one but still who knows i might upload a video someday.

My first blogging attempt and i expect nothing. why? because im doing this for me. And if anyone is to come across this well i either made a good or a bad impression. Either way, i am a fairly complicated and dramatic person. I tend to entertain myself with unhuman mood swings and from those i become amazing! So lets see where this attitude gets me in life.. 🙂

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